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We welcome and heartfully thank all the users and subscribers for visiting KL Escort Adult Services.

At this era of virtual connections and lightspeed information resources, “Exhaustion” precisely painted how much energy had been wasted in order just to have a fun night out, AdultServices-KL understands the frustration of browsing such a vast majority of Escort Service Provider that Kuala Lumpur has to offer.

From the users point of view, we ( AS-KL ) partly sympathize those individuals that made enquiry from one Web Escort Provider to another and another, without getting a deal or an agreement that is satisfactory.

Kuala Lumpur Escort Service had long overcrowded with peers and competitors that all eyeing the very piece of “THE CAKE”. Though it is a fair market but somehow, not everybody seems to play it fairly.

As such, since our general meeting with an unanimous vote; Adult Services Kuala Lumpur had decided to go against the flow. Having said that, the directory that we upkept would be Strictly Supervise  each advertiser’s content, especially unverified photos, Adult Services Kuala Lumpur (Region) would not welcome or even keep any of these that related to any individuals or agencies.

We also urge and do hope the larger public will cooperate or write to us if there is any of complaints or misadventure that happened during the time frame that Users ( Customers ) interact with advertisers.


Each advertiser profiles or agency’s escort will be approve almost immediately, however through time THE ADMIN will extend a formal enquiry. Agency’s that unable to have a reasonable answer to queries given will be taken down immediately. Up to this point, THE ADMIN had since identified some profiles posted with intension to scam victims.

Agencies that are verify by the admin will be monitor from time to time. We strongly encourage users to be vigilant in terms of sourcing for a reliable escort service provider. will terminate any account that violate our strong values of authenticity.

Seemingly the landscape of KL escorts service business industry is rising in such a drastic uphill manner; provides this platform for gentlemen who would love a little change of trend when they come out for a good night fun. We seek out the recent trend and display it for your fancies and choices. This is the menu specialties in services of provides. Read our FAQ page ( frequently asked questions ) and detailed information of our platform if you wish to understand our specific verification protocol in regard of each listing.

We as in (AS-KL) seriously view this as a matter to be concern of.

Adult Services (region) K.L., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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