KL Call Girl Escort Etiquette

With so many agencies around the city of Kuala Lumpur, looking for an suitable companion for the night is as easy as ordering a pizza.

Here we have the tips for you when you are with your favorite call girl in KL.


KL Call girls work for money but they are equally same as a normal girl, they look at men same as every other girls look at their princes. So, dress smart; slippers or flip-flop are a No-No. Doesn’t need a tie or a suit though but your attire should be at least presentable.


The mindset is very important if you wish your night to be a fulfilling one. It doesn’t mean that she is paid by you then you can treat her like a slave. Behave like a gentlemen, treat her with respect, for example; pull the chair for her, open the door before her, pour drinks for her and so on. Treat her like the girl you wanted to marry and she will give you a worthy of every cents you paid.

Warm Up Phase

This is an important phase when it comes to a girl, they are more sensitive to feelings than men even for a KL Call Girl. Creativity comes in play when dealing with these, you need to create at least a little romantic environment when with her in the room. Dim the lights, sit and talk for a moment, warm her up… and that definitely will create a more passionate love making.

Happy Endings

There a things that a KL Call Girl doesn’t like to do but if she likes the client she willingly will give her best for you. If you thoroughly follow the above steps of engaging a call girl in K.L. follow the guide tips and email me your results if you like.

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